Christian Women's Ministry Conference's:

1)   Recognize abilities and accomplishments - in the local community and celebrates women during National Women's History Month annually each March.


2)   Celebrates Women Locally – Promotes and Esteems women as viable creations and exhorts worth to godly living standards.

3)    Provides Support - Women in Crisis receive godly counsel and CWM Encourages Women Clergy, Networking - Community Resources, Businesses, Services and Ministries and 24/7 Online Intercessory Prayer Ministry - accepts request any time, via internet with emails to the International Prayer Ministry Team.


Protec†Her - Love, Care and Proactive Education to Women, Men, Children, Families to prevent and eliminate the devastation, devaluing and destructive patterns of living (domestic violence, child, sexual and emotional abuse), that destroys instead of build women and families to wholeness.


Spiritual Connection with God - according to His word rightly divided, when He/God is first in our lives it leads to the greatest place to be, "in the will of God, with eternal security to be with him eternally."