Prayer Request

Prayer Request

 posted by: Jesse Hurst on 11/10/2013

Please pray for me and my dad my whole family, please pray for clothing, shelter, protection, love, guidance. Family, money, healing, spiritual healing and proction, the babtizim in the Holy Ghost. Please help me pray to Jesus for the things I... Read More

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Prayer needed

 posted by: Beth Drattlo on 10/27/2013

Please pray for my son Kyle Drattlo.On July 23, 2013 him and two of his friends murdered my parents in my childhood home. Please pray for his salvation and peace for myself and my family. Thank you very much. God Bless you. Read More

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 posted by: Donlia Jones on 7/25/2013

Continuing to pray for God's wisdom in making Godly choices for my daughters and I in the area of finances, that the spirit of poverty is broken and remain broken through faith and an elevation in educational opportunities and a better job.... Read More

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friend in need of a car and son and daughter guidance

 posted by: Dana on 9/11/2012

For a friend she is a single mother and needs help with getting a car to start work and take her kids to appointments. Lay it upon someones heart that has an extra car or can help her with a car,transportation or even childcare. If is God's... Read More

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2012 WoMen's Conference

 posted by: Rev. Falana & Christian Women's Ministry Intercessors on 3/21/2012

Prayers of blessing and overflow to the presenters and attendees to receive all that the Lord has and want to offer for the spiritual makeover and equipping for His will and kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Read More

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New website

 posted by: Becky on 1/23/2012

Praising God for the opportunity to work on your new website! Read More

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